Symphony Nursing Home Facilities and Services

If you are looking for a nursing home for your loved ones, Symphony Nursing Home is one of the top choices. It offers quality care and services to seniors who require assistance with their daily living activities. In this article, we will discuss the Symphony Nursing Home and provide you with a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about this nursing home.

Symphony Nursing Home

What is Symphony Nursing Home?

Symphony Nursing Home is a long-term care facility that offers a range of services to seniors who require assistance with their daily living activities. The facility is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for seniors, ensuring that they receive the necessary care and attention they need. The nursing home is staffed with compassionate and experienced professionals who provide quality care to residents.

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Services Offered

Symphony Nursing Home offers a range of services to its residents, including:

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Medication management
  • Assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Specialized care for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

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Facilities and Amenities

The facilities and amenities at Symphony Nursing Home are designed to provide residents with a comfortable and safe environment. Some of the features of the nursing home include:

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Common areas for socializing and recreational activities
  • Beautifully landscaped outdoor areas
  • On-site beauty salon and barber shop
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • 24-hour security

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Costs and Payment Options

The costs of living at Symphony Nursing Home vary depending on the level of care required and the type of room. The nursing home accepts payment from a variety of sources, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. For those who do not have insurance coverage, the nursing home offers payment plans and financial assistance programs.

Reviews and Ratings

Symphony Nursing Home has received positive reviews and ratings from both residents and their families. Many people appreciate the caring and compassionate staff, the cleanliness of the facility, and the wide range of services provided. The nursing home has an overall rating of 4.5 stars on Google Reviews.

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Location and Contact Information

Symphony Nursing Home is located at 4320 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406. The facility can be reached by phone at (561) 433-5867. For more information or to schedule a tour, visit the nursing home’s website.


Symphony Nursing Home is a top choice for those looking for quality long-term care for their loved ones. The nursing home offers a range of services and amenities to ensure that residents receive the necessary care and attention they need. With positive reviews and ratings, affordable costs, and a convenient location, Symphony Nursing Home is definitely worth considering.

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